Top 15 Best Mattress 2021 UK Review & Buying Guide

So many people today end up buying the wrong mattresses most likely because they have no idea what the best mattress for their needs is. is here to provide you with all the information you need to find the right mattress.

As we might already know, Shopping and buying a mattress is not an easy task nowadays. There are many different types of mattresses available in the UK market and also so many different opinions about what is the best brand of mattresses, yes, it can be confusing to choose which the best mattress is.

In this page, we offer informative reviews on the best mattress in the UK 2021 and you will find helpful tips on how to purchase your mattress. We will also provide a variety of mattress reviews to help you choose a mattress so you will know what to consider when buying a mattress which your body feels comfortable with.

Top 10 Best Mattress in UK 2021

1. Breathable Double Mattress DOSLEEPS

Have you always wanted to have a quality sleep but you are often disappointed along the way? With this double mattress, you won’t have to experience such a thing anymore. One of the coolest features about this mattress is the support system with its 9 zone section consisting of the individual (spring) coil pockets. It reduces the coil collision as well as eliminating motion disturbance, pressure points, and also back pain. Thanks to its system, the mattress can support your weight in an even manner – giving plush and solid support that will affect your sleeping time.

What are other features to expect from this mattress?

  • The mattress is delivered in a tight wrap so the dimension is compact. But once you open the seal, the mattress will unfold itself into a double mattress. You can say that the wrapping is neat and sealed well.
  • The mattress has good quality pad made of breathable quilting quality. With the combination of thick padding layer and double (side) mesh structure, the mattress has a solid air circulation that will make your skin remain dry – leading to a more comfortable sleep. Such a good circulation is also great to release any cervical pressure that often happens during sleeping.
  • The mattress won’t transfer motion. It somewhat isolates your movement (and your partner’s) so each of you won’t be disturbed when the other person moves or turns or tosses around.

2. Luxury Starlight Beds Memory Foam

Memory foam is crucial to make a comfortable sleeping platform. The foam will follow your body shape and contour – and somewhat remembers it. So, the next time you sleep on it again, the foam will automatically ‘remember’ it and adjust the shape so you won’t have to deal with the lousy sleeping time. This mattress is coming in a single size but you can actually find many sizes.

This mattress has memory foam layers and solid springs that will provide a plush and luxurious feel. A lot of people claim that the mattress is very comfortable and exclusive despite the firm construction. Yes, the mattress is firm but once you are on the bed, you don’t feel any hard platform or surface.

Other features that you may like are:

  • The mattress doesn’t require a new base. You only need to replace your current mattress and you are good to go.
  • The memory foam is high in quality so you can expect a long comfortable sleep. Not to mention that it means that your mattress has a better and more reliable support system
  • The mattress has a good anti-dust and also hypo-allergenic feature so everything is very safe

3. Silentnight Pocket Essentials

When you are looking for quality sleep, you may want to consider this product for your next purchase. With this mattress, you can enjoy quality sleep. The mattress is constructed from a thousand individual Mirapocket springs that will deliver quality support. Thanks to the spring system, you can have superior comfort and relief – combining a firm and yet soft sleeping surface.

After all, the mattress has tons of these beneficial features:

  • The support system is designed in a zoned arrangement so you can expect an even surface to lie down. Thanks to such a zoned system, you can enjoy good shoulders and hip support that will assist in a better spinal alignment
  • The mattress has a reliable and trusted hypoallergenic feature that will protect you and keep you safe while you are sleeping
  • The mattress has 24 cm depth that provides firm support and yet plush and luxurious once you lie down
  • The cover is made from soft knit which is great for the extra durability and cushion
  • The mattress is sturdy and yet it is not hard or uncomfortable

4. DOSLEEPS Memory Foam Double Mattress

This is another double mattress with reliable and quality memory foam that will make you sleep better. A lot of people claim that they had never experienced such an enjoyable and satisfying sleeping time until they started using the mattress. This is one of the best mattress 2021 in the UK because of the solid support system and the added features that can boost your comfort.

So, what are the features to expect from this mattress?

  • The memory foam will create a luxurious and plush sleeping surface. The greatest advantage of having a memory foam is that it will remember your body figures and adjust it automatically. When you sleep on it, the foam will adjust your contour and form – resulting in increased comfort
  • The mattress has a solid but soft sleeping platform, thanks to the zoned support system. The support system comes with individual spring pockets that will make sure that the weight distribution is done evenly.
  • A lot of users give positive reviews and feedbacks simply because they like the quality of the mattress. It is firm and yet soft and flexible to your body shape and form.
  • The sleeping surface is breathable, which affects the quality of sleep and also sleeping comfort

5. HomyLink 3D Breathable Mattress

One of the things to like about the mattress is the ergonomic design. It is perfect for all kinds of body shape. It is also an orthopaedic mattress because of the combination of a firm platform, comfortable sleeping surface, modern look, and trusted support system. Whereas most mattresses are too soft or too hard, it won’t be so with this mattress. It is firm but not hard. When you lie down on it, you will see how convenient it is to sleep on it. A lot of people say that they have experienced improved quality sleeping once they have bought the mattress.

Other supporting features to expect from this mattress are:

  • The pocket spring coil system is great to deliver reliable and promising support. It can align your body as well as distributing your weight evenly.
  • The mattress has ecological and natural fibres that make the mattress environmentally friendly.
  • The mattress has a good anti-mites, anti-allergy, anti-odorization, and anti-biosis. You won’t have to worry about your protection when you are asleep – let the mattress do it for you.
  • It has wave massage convoluted foam that can ‘massage’ you when you are asleep. It will make you relax while promoting blood circulation at the same time. No wonder if lying down on the mattress will make you relax.

6. Inofia Mattress

Choosing the best mattress that focuses on your comfort and quality sleep doesn’t always have to be costly. This Inofia mattress comes with high-density foam that will support you while encouraging you to move freely. The mattress has a very good support system with plush and comfortable foam that will pamper you.

The solid construction and comfortable foam can also help eliminate the pressure point. In the end, you can expect better sleep efficiency and pain-free condition. The high quality and high-density foam will support and conform the body shape while allowing the joints and bones to sink to the mattress’ softness. You should wake up feeling refreshed without any pain or ache.

Other features to expect are:

  • The mattress is super plush and comfortable which can affect your energy and also mood
  • It comes with a zoned spring system to provide a great support platform. It is great for dealing with the pain and aches because it helps with better body’s alignment
  • It helps you with better and improved body figure and structure because of the natural alignment system
  • The packing is neat and compact. You do need to allow some time for the mattress to fully come to its size and dimension.

7. DOSLEEP Tencel Fabric and Memory Foam Mattress

One of the greatest things about this mattress is the Tencel fabric. This is a special Lyocell fibre that is smooth as well as super absorbent. It can control moisture thanks to its excellent moisture absorption ability.

Because of this fibre, the mattress can regulate the heat and body’s temperature as well as dealing with heat dissipation at the same time. You will be able to sleep cool and feel so much better after you wake up.

The mattress has:

  • Good support system with the zoned construction
  • Plush and yet firm support at the same time that will improve your sleeping comfort
  • The soft and hygienic surface that can protect you while sleeping

8. Bedzonline Double Mattress

This is another best mattress 2021 in the UK that you can consider when you want to buy a new mattress. It is a bit difficult to decide which element that comes best because all of them are handy and functional.

The body moulding feature allows you flexible (and somewhat elastic) ability that will relieve the crucial pressure points all over your body. It gives you the chance to be free from aches, pain, and discomfort.

What to love about it?

  • It has a solid support base which consists of a thick reflex foam layer acting as the foundation and also the support mechanism for the mattress.
  • The mattress is easily cared and cleaned. Thanks to its ant-mites, anti-dust, and hypoallergenic features, you can enjoy a safe and clean sleeping time. And don’t forget the removable zip cover – it makes cleaning easy.

9. Vesgantti Hybrid Mattress

When you want to buy something, you want to make sure that the item will benefit you – and this is exactly what Vesgantti provides. For a starter, the delivery is made compact. The mattress is vacuumed sealed and compressed so it is easy to transport and move around.

You need to allow it a moment to unroll perfectly, though. Once you have unrolled it, you can’t roll it back again.

What are other things that you love about this mattress?

  • The construction comes with individual pocket spring that delivers independently support. Each support will handle its own weight so you can only enjoy even weight distribution and less pressure on some of the important points. The supporting parts include the shoulders, head, neck, waist, hips, feet, and legs.
  • The mattress has the so-called ultra mute feature that can absorb vibration and noise. Even when your partner is turning and tossing, you won’t be disturbed –your side of the mattress will be left untouched.
  • The surface is breathable so you can remain cool and comfortable while sleeping

10. Silentnight Foam Comfort Mattress

Finding a mattress that is resistant to dust, bug, or allergens can be difficult. You may find one but the mattress isn’t exactly comfortable. On the other hand, you may be able to find a comfortable mattress but it isn’t very safe and you are worried that it can cause some allergic reaction. Well, this mattress from Silentnight will be completely different.

And how is it different from other brands?

  • It comes with premium Miratex foam that will deliver great pressure and also support relief. When combined together with the memory foam, you can expect better relief and support. If you or your partner often tosses around, this mattress will deal with your issue.
  • The surface is breathable and comfy. It is cool because it has its own temperature regulation. You can expect an improved air circulation that will keep you cool and comfortable during your sleep.
  • The support system is reliable because it has its own weight distribution

Other 5 products to consider

– Visco Therapy Mattress

The mattress is made from high-quality memory foam that has tons of benefits. Memory foam is known for providing firm and yet comfortable support so you can have an enjoyable sleep without being disturbed. Once you lie down on the mattress, the foam will adjust to your shape, weight, and contour – and it will remember everything. The next time you lie down, the mattress will automatically adjust it. Quite cool, huh?

Other things to like about this product are:

  • The zip cover is easily cleaned and washed. It comes with anti-mites, anti-dust, and hypoallergenic features. Is it safe? Absolutely! Is it great for sensitive skin? You can bet on it.
  • The mattress itself is also easy to clean. In the event there is a stain, you only need to use water (either cold or warm) and mild detergent. No need to soak everything. It saves you a lot of efforts.
  • The quilted cover is a non-slip fabric that will not move even if you toss and turn. It will ensure your sleeping comfort as well as helping you with heat and temperature regulation

– Ej. Life Orthopaedic Mattress

If you often deal with back pain and waist ache, it is most likely that you have experienced wrong sleeping position – often many times and you don’t realize this. This is the mattress that can help you with the proper body alignment and even weight distribution. No wonder it is called the orthopaedic mattress.

There are some aspects to love about the mattress:

  • It has individual pocket spring that functions like a shock absorber. It retains the firmness of the item while making it soft and plush for sleeping.
  • The individual pocket spring is great when there are different weight distributions – between you and your partner, or between different pressure points of your body. If you often suffer from back pain, it is most likely that there is an uneven weight distribution between the back area and other parts. This mattress can solve the issue.
  • The mattress also comes with a memory foam layer that will remember your body shape and figure and somewhat isolate the movement. Even when your partner is moving quite often, your sleep won’t be disturbed.

– Silentnight Rolled Memory Foam Mattress

As one of the best mattress 2021, there are a lot of benefits that you can enjoy from this mattress. The memory foam, for instance, is responsive and supportive. The foam comes with high-density layers that help the body to spread its weight to the ideal sleeping position. The memory foam, after all, will remember your figure, shape, and contour. The surface will automatically adjust itself when you lie down the next time.

There are also other things to like about this mattress:

  • The mattress has undergone allergy approved testing which means that it is very safe and reliable.
  • It comes with zoned support which means that there are crucial points that get the best support. With such a zoned support system, you can be sure that you won’t have to suffer from any backache or shoulder pain anymore.
  • The reliable construction will make sure that you will enjoy quality sleeping – feeling refreshed and never better!
  • It also comes with Miratex foam core that will absorb movement so your partner won’t have to move whenever you move. This no-roll together system is very handy and convenient because it somewhat gives you a sense of privacy and better movement isolation.

– Bedzonline Budget Single Economy Mattress

This is truly a budget mattress so it is less thick when compared to other products or brands. However, just because it isn’t as thick as other mattresses or just because it is inexpensive, it doesn’t mean that the quality is lousy or cheesy. On the contrary, you can expect good things from this mattress – and enjoy quality sleeping at the same time.

The mattress comes with memory foam as well as reflex foam. The quality economy layers are pretty impressive considering that the layers are quite cheap. The combination of memory and reflex foam makes the mattress feel luxurious, soft, and plush.

The things to like about this mattress are:

  • The materials are made from environmentally friendly fabrics and materials so you won’t have to worry about the environment’s sustainability
  • The mattress is great for those suffering from asthma and allergy, thanks to the anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic features.
  • The packing is neat and unique. The vacuum seal makes sure that the mattress is packed and delivered without compromising the original shape and condition of the mattress. But make sure to allow some times so the mattress can unravel on its own.

This is a perfect example on how a budget item can still deliver perfect quality and performance

– Simpur Luxury Relax Mattress

The mattress is pretty thick with 30 cm of depth. It has an ergonomic system with 11 zone support technology – more than the standard ones. The support system affects comfort and even weight distribution. As a result, you can enjoy a plush and convenient sleeping platform without having to worry about a thing.

What else to like about this mattress?

  • The mattress has the combination of the reflex foam layer and memory foam that will deliver soft surface and yet firm platform for convenient and healthy sleeping
  • It comes with premium quilting technology that combines anti-mite, anti-bacterial, and hypoallergenic trait. Is it safe for sensitive skin? Yes, it is. Can you enjoy the quality sleeping? Definitely.
  • The mattress has this modern technology that can absorb the moisture as well as regulating body temperature at the same time. It also has its own air vent so your mattress will remain dry most of the times. You can also enjoy a comfortable sleep.
  • Thanks to the multilayer construction, not only you can enjoy great support, but you can also have the plush platform

There you have it, the 15 best products to consider as your next options. So, which one of these best mattress 2021 you like the most?

7 Tips You Should Know Before Shopping a Mattress

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, there are a few things you should know before buying the first mattress you come across. Be sure you know what kind of mattress you want when you go shopping.

1. Construction

First, you need to know a little about mattress construction. With the prices of mattresses, you want one that will hold up over several years of use. Mattresses that are more expensive will have thicker padding, more coils and a cushion sewn into the mattress. The ticking may be made of damask.

2. Durability

Durability doesn’t seem to be affected by coil count and how they are configured. When you see the sagging in your old mattress, that is due to the padding, not the coils. If you want more durability in your new mattress, look for one with thick, quality padding.

3. Firmness

The next consideration you need to make when buying a mattress is firmness. Is it consistently firm all the way across? Is it comfortable?

4. Type of Mattress

The next decision you need to make is what type of mattress you want. Innerspring mattresses are the ones most of us are familiar with… they have coiled steel springs and padding to fill them out. Today you can also find mattresses made of something called memory foam as well as the older alternative mattresses like waterbeds, featherbeds and futons.

5. Mattress Size

Before you shop, you should know what size of mattress you want. Most beds are in one of several basic sizes: twin, double, queen, California king and king. You’ll want to check your potential purchase for softness. If the mattress is not soft enough where your body is in contact with the springs, you will not sleep well, and you’ll be sore in the morning. Does it support you well?

6. Quality of the fabric

If the mattress is too soft, your spine will not get enough support during the night and you’ll wake up in pain. Don’t be afraid to look at the fabric on the mattress. If they have sheets on the mattress, lift up a corner. Are the seams good or is the fabric pulling? What about the quality of the fabric?

7. Price

The least expensive mattresses will use a vinyl fabric as the outer layer. More expensive mattresses will use polyester or a poly-cotton blend. Take a look at the quilted top, if it has one. Usually, these are filled with foam. Does the mattress have handles on it for easier handling?

Learn what to look for and use it when you shop. If you’re shopping in local stores, be on your toes. Mattress salesmen have a reputation for being similar to used car salesmen. They may use different terminology, or other tactics to keep you from doing any comparison shopping.

Mattresses are also available online like you can find here and they are available in, sometimes for significant discounts. But online, you can’t try the mattress, and you may or may not have trouble with a return if you need one. If you arm yourself with the right information, you should be able to get a mattress that you are happy with.

How To Choose The Best Mattress?

Before buying a mattress, you should know which technology is really ideal for your body. If you have not tried the newer ones yet and you absolutely don’t have an idea if this is the right choice for a peaceful night’s sleep, then this site will provide you better help and conclusion.

Basically, the best mattresses are the ones that can give you the comfort you really need.

You also need to know how to choose the best memory foam mattress as well as the best mattress for pack pain or best mattress for side sleepers 2021 in the UK because these type of mattresses can make or break the comfort you will feel. Do not choose those mattresses that are highly popular on television without really scrutinizing the features integrated in the brand of mattress. Usually, you may find yourself paying more for the mattress as there is a heavier marketing budget cost into them. These mattresses may not really provide the right comfort that you are looking for.

And then there is also the issue of finding the best latex foam mattress. Latex has become increasingly popular in the mattress due to its ability in reducing pressure points in the body. Of course, this can helps a lot in minimizing back pains.

Today, you can also find the best hybrid mattresses. It is the combination of innerspring and another technology like memory foam and latex. This is a struck of genius especially when you are torn between one technology and the other. With this mattress, you can get the best of both worlds.

Have a baby at home ???, you need also to consider the best baby mattress 2021 for their optimum comfort. Why ?? because the baby spends most of their time sleeping, you can get them a mattress that can enhance their comfort as they sleep.

Is it time to buy a new mattress?

When do you know if it’s the right time to buy a mattress? If you consistently wake up with aching muscles and lower back pain it might be that you’re sleeping on a mattress that isn’t right for you. You also might be finding that your mattress sags or has defects such as springs poking through with an innerspring mattress.

The answer to whether it’s time to buy a new mattress is ultimately up to you. If you aren’t getting the sleep you expect then it might just be the time to get researching for the best mattresses or the best mattress toppers UK 2021 to match your needs, and to shop around for the deals on the mattress you identify.