Top 10 Best Baby Mattress 2021 UK

If you are shopping for some baby stuff, you definitely want to choose the best baby mattress only. Never underestimate the importance of a good mattress because it will affect your baby’s comfort and also safety. For a starter, babies spend a lot of times in their crib and they need not only a safe sleeping platform but they also need the comfortable one. Second, when your baby doesn’t get enough sleep, they will be cranky and fussy – which also affects you. You don’t want to spend the whole day or every day feeling tired and cranky from the lack of sleep, do you?

There are so many different mattresses out there but you need to remember that safe mattress are your first priority when compared to cute design. You also need to consider the firmness of the mattress and the quality of surface material. Don’t be cheap when it comes to your baby! We are talking about the comfort and happiness of the child which is priceless. It is a good thing that there are some promising candidates that will help you with the easy option and winning features. The following mattress is worth to consider for your baby

Top 10 Best Baby Mattress 2021 UK

1. Babymoov Cosydream Smokey Sleep Aid

The design may not look like the regular baby mattress but the unique design is actually helpful to promote better sleep and safer platform. This Cosydream mattress is designed in such a way so your baby will sleep on its back without putting too much pressure on the spine. The raised leg part is definitely helpful to remove the unwanted pressure, encouraging the baby to sleep better and more comfortable. Despite the restriction on the design, it is safe because the baby will sleep on its back and not easily toss around (which can lead to suffocation)

One of the reasons to buy this best baby mattress is the adjustable leg roll. It has a Velcro so it is easy to adjust (as the baby grows) and it is easily attached. The leg roll is meant to raise the baby’s legs to remove the pressure as well as helping with digestion. The headrest is soft but not very soft so your baby won’t sink into it. It is made from soft and breathable material that will improve comfort. You will see that your baby sleeps better and also longer. Can you wash it? Absolutely! It is compatible with any washing machine – as long as the water temperature is 30 degrees Celsius.

2. Mother Nurture Mattress

One thing to like about this mattress is the firmness level. It is firm but it isn’t hard. You can be sure that your baby will sleep soundly and comfortably without having to worry about suffocation hazard or sinking problem. Is it comfortable? It seems so because most people who have bought the mattress claim that their babies sleep soundly.

The cover is also removable and washable – which is another great feature to like about the mattress. Feel free to toss it into your washing machine. As long as you keep the water temperature to 60 degrees, you should be fine and you won’t harm the mattress. The cover is made from quilted material that is hypoallergenic and resistant to water. No need to worry about any spill because you can always easily wipe it off. The soft material will make sure that your baby is safe while promoting better quality sleep.

This is a spring mattress which is premium quality for a baby mattress. Spring mattress is always better than the foam mattress – not only in the matter of comfort and construction but also in a matter of safety. You won’t have to worry about anything if you have this mattress

3. Red Kite Black Travel Cot

If you are spending most of your time on the go, and you need to take the baby with you, this travel cot will be super handy! You know how fussy and complicated it is when you have to travel and you need to take the baby for the trip. You need to make sure that she is comfortable and happy so she won’t be cranky and fussy on the way. Well, if you have this travel cot, you won’t have to worry about such a thing.

This cot is easily built and assemble – and it is also easy to take down. You only need to fold it away and voila! Your storage issue is solved. The cot comes with padded rails that will protect her from any hard or sharp material. And because the side panels are made from see-through mesh, you won’t have any hard time watching the baby as she rolls and plays in the cot. Easy watching is possible.

The cot is easily cleaned. The fabric trims, covers and bag can be washed – as long as you use warm water and mild detergent. The plastic parts can be cleaned in the same manner. And for the metal parts, just use the damp cloth. No wonder if this travelling cot is claimed as one of the best baby mattresses on the market!

4. KATY Superior Junior Mattress

Looking for the safe mattress that can improve sleeping quality of your baby? Want to make sure that your baby is safe from any harm while sleeping? This sleeping mattress can help your baby sleep better without compromising her health. Made from chemical-free substances, you won’t have to worry about the use of arsenic, phosphorus, or antimony based compounds that can lead to allergies or rashes or even infections.

The mattress has a spring in it –which means that it has a very solid and firm foundation. Spring mattress is generally firm but it can also be soft (depending on the surface and cover) without causing the baby to sink into the mattress. Thanks to the combination of firm but a soft mattress, the baby can sleep better with improved spine alignment support and better figure solidity. Worry about suffocation hazard? You won’t have to deal with such an issue with this mattress from KATY. Not to mention that the breathable surface will make sure that your baby remains cool during her sleep.  Thanks to better air circulation, your baby can stay comfy while sleeping.

5. Extreme Furniture Solid Wood Baby Cot

The cot comes with a foam mattress. If you want to have an all-in-one purchase, this one would be the best option for you. The cot is spacious enough for the baby – but not too spacious that can lead to the baby unroll freely without any control. If you like a cot that can easily build and takedown, you have made the right choice. Besides the easy assembly, you can also enjoy some of the greatest and safest features.

For a starter, the cot is made from durable and quality materials that will protect your baby from harm. The rails are coming with teething protection. The breathable surface will make sure that your baby will sleep soundly because of the cool sleeping platform. The mattress has water repellent liner so the possibility of water dampness or pooling will be very slim. The cover is removable and washable so you can be sure that the mattress stays clean and fresh. The cot also has 3different position base that has height adjustable ability to accommodate the baby’s growth.

6. Mother Nurture Spring Mattress

A lot of parents are happy that they have made the decision to buy the mattress. It is proven to encourage better and more qualified sleeping that affects the baby. Most of their babies are happy and fussy-free. It seems that babies are always excited when they are put to bed. This action alone has shown the quality of the mattress without too many claims or (empty) words.

The breathable surface contributes to the comfortable sleeping comfort. Because it helps the air circulation to run better and more efficient, the baby remains cool during sleeping. Not to mention that the breathable surface will make sure that germs infestation or bacterial collection can be minimized and limited. The quilted cover is removable and water-resistant. Even if your baby wet the mattress many times, it won’t compromise the quality and integrity of it. The hypoallergenic surface will also protect the baby from any allergies.

The spring construction is made from bonnet spring that goes along with dent nursery resistant foam – it will create a firm but a bit bouncy effect. The mattress is firm but comfortable to lie on. No wonder if babies love this mattress so much. This is the best baby mattress ever created!

7. ATM Baby Brand Travel Cot Mattress

If you have a travelling cot, this quilted and high-quality mattress will be the perfect fit. A travelling cot is great when you have to spend a lot of time travelling and moving around. But it won’t be handy if the mattress is lousy and thin. You want to have the combination of the great cot and impressive quality mattress to enjoy carrying your baby around. With this mattress, you won’t have to stress out this matter.

As one of the best baby mattress on the market, this mattress has all the greatest features to enjoy. The quilted mattress is soft and nice. Your baby won’t have problems sleeping on it –and you won’t have to worry about any rash or allergies. The surface is water-resistant with hypoallergenic quality. If your baby wets the mattress, it won’t compromise the sleeping platform. The hypoallergenic feature is also great to protect your allergies from allergens.

8. Obaby Pocket Sprung Cot Mattress

If you think that only adults’ mattress has individual pocket springs, then you are hugely mistaken. This is a baby mattress that is made from high-quality pocket springs that will provide nice and comfortable support to make your baby sleep s better. Spring mattress is always better in terms that it can provide a firm sleeping platform without making the baby sinks into the mattress. The mattress is firm but it isn’t harsh or hard so the baby will sleep soundly. They can also move around easily without having to worry about being suffocated.

The mattress comes with a removable cover that can be washed easily. The cover is also soft and breathable, supporting cool sleeping platform. Babies love the cool surrounding and it makes them sleep better and longer. The anti-bacterial, anti termites and hypoallergenic features will also protect your baby while sleeping. Who says safe sleeping is impossible?

9. Kinder Valley Flow Mattress

This is another best baby mattress that can improve your baby’s sleeping time to the highest level. A lot of people say that their babies sleep better after they sleep on the mattress. Another cool thing about the mattress is that it isn’t only useful for the babies but also for toddlers. Does it mean that you can use the mattress as your baby grows? Why not? The mattress comes with great features that help the baby enjoy quality sleeping.

The mattress comes with a removable cover that is resistant to mites, germs, dust, and bacteria so your baby can sleep safely without having to worry about allergy issue. The removable and washable cover means that you can always have a fresh and clean cover – which is important for the baby’s well being and health. The cover is also breathable which means that it is super comfortable because it will make your baby stay cool during their sleep.

10. Baby Elegance Eco Cot Mattress

This mattress is perfect for the cot so the cot will remain safe and comfortable for the baby. Many parents who have purchased and used the mattress claim that they enjoy the easy and perfect fit so they won’t have to worry about having to buy a new cot. The mattress is made from a strong fibre pad that will deliver a firm but soft sleeping platform for the baby. The mattress is firm for the baby’s sake and yet it is also soft and plush so the baby can sleep soundly.

The breathable surface and good air circulation feature will make the baby stay cool and cosy during the sleep. Since the mattress won’t trap any excessive moisture and heat, the baby will enjoy his/her sleeping time better. And the water-resistant surface is also handy to make the surface stay dry. And let’s not forget that the removable cover is also great to encourage cleaner, better, and fresher sleeping platform. As long as you use warm water, mild detergent, and proper cleaning method (follow the instructions), you are good to go.


In the end, choosing the right baby mattress depends on your needs and your baby’s requirements.  These are the candidates for the best baby mattress that you can choose for your beloved baby.

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