Top 10 Best Cot Mattress 2021 UK

Choosing the right cot bed mattress for your baby or toddler will be one of the most important decisions you will make when raising your child. The reason it is so important is that your child will spend between 2 to 5 years lying or playing around on their baby cot bed mattress. Although babies are not heavy their bones are soft and growing and they need adequate support and comfort during this important stage in their lives time.

With so many different types and sizes available it can become overwhelming to try and determine which is the best choice for your child. Below are some of the best cot bed mattress for baby and a few guidelines to help you make your choice a lot less stressful.

Top 10 Best Cot Mattress 2021 UK

1. NightComfort Quilted Mattress Toddler

As one of the best cot mattress, this item has a lot of promising and convenient features. The mattress is firm and soft, but not too firm that it will make the baby uncomfortable. The mattress isn’t too plush or soft either so you won’t have to worry about any suffocation problem.

The mattress comes with a quilted cover and also zipper cover for easy cleaning and extra comfort. The cover is washable with a machine so cleaning would be super easy. The mattress is made from a bonded core for a firm and solid construction.

It is also eco-friendly which means that it won’t harm the environment. The surface is also hypo-allergic so it will protect the baby in a maximum way.

2. Mother Nurture Mattress 140x70x10

The mattress is luxurious with quality construction and safe materials. The overall mattress is hypo-allergenic which will provide a safe sleeping platform for the babies.

And it comes with a water-resistant and quilted cover that can be easily cleaned and washed. Yes, you can even use the washing machine to clean it. The mattress has bound edges that add the durability and resilience to the mattress.

Not to mention that the high-quality foam is able to accommodate the baby’s weight just nicely. The liner is waterproof and adjustable that will add the extra comfort and safety to the mattress.

3. Mother Nurture Interior Mattress

If you take a look at the brand, you can be sure about the quality of the construction. The mattress has a breathable surface with comfortable support. The foam is comfortable and supportive –provides firm and yet plush sleeping platform.

It is safe for babies with choking hazard possibilities. The plush and soft platform will also provide a very nice and convenient sleeping condition.

The cover is removable so you can have an easy cleaning and washing. It is also quilted with water-resistant quality. The anti-allergy quality will also protect your baby against allergens and allergies.

4. Katy Superior Bed Junior Mattress

The mattress is made through eco-friendly processing that doesn’t involve the use of arsenic, phosphorus, or antimony. The core is solid and sturdy so it provides a sturdy and firm sleeping platform.

The firmness is somewhat comforting for babies and toddlers because it will minimize the possibility of suffocation. And yet it is still convenient and comfortable so they can enjoy quality sleep. The mattress has a removable (quilted) cover that can be washed and cleaned easily.

With the waterproof and adjustable membrane, it can be moved easily and within a flexible way. No wonder if it is included within the list of best cot mattress ever produced.

5. Rainbow Toddler Mattress Breathable Waterproof

The mattress is thick and yet comfy. With10 cm of thickness, babies and toddlers can sleep soundly and comfortably without any problem.

The mattress is also firm and plush with a quality performance that can accommodate even weight distribution. The zipped cover makes sure of easy and simple removal and also washing. Be aware of the funny smell but it would go away quickly.

Just make sure that you remove the mattress from the box inside the well-ventilated area. And do allow enough time for the unwrap so the mattress can be in the original size as it is.

6. Mother Nurture Mothercare Mattress

With 8 cm of thickness, the mattress is highly comfortably and somewhat fluffy. The solid padding allows reversible, breathable, and comfortable sleeping platform.

This is a mattress that would fit just perfectly for Argos or Mothercare products. The core is made from nursery dent-resistant foam that provides the firm and comfy platform. With a removable and water-resistant cover (which is also compatible with the washing machine), your baby can sleep comfortably without any problem.

With professional construction and design, this best cot mattress is also safe.

7. Baby Elegance Eco

This mattress is made from quality fibre that provides a solid and sturdy platform. The cover is washable and removable so you can always enjoy the easy and simple cleaning.

The overall mattress is constructed from one Eco Fiber pad that completely airs permeable and breathable. The quality is long-lasting with various sizes. The breathable surface encourages cool sleeping platform so the kids can sleep soundly.

The eco fibre pad will ensure sturdiness and comfort while some of the processes involve handmade speciality that guarantees the product’s quality and performance.

8. Laura Travel Mattress

This is a quality mattress that most kids like. A lot of parents said that their kids sleep like a log and when they wake up, they look happy and fresh., this mattress is great for travelling.

The quality mattress is quite firm and solid and yet it is also plush and comfortable. Most babies and toddlers can sleep comfortably without sinking to the bed or having suffocation issue.

The surface is also nice and breathable – one of the reasons why the mattress is liked and enjoyed by the kids. With hypo-allergenic features, you can protect your kids without overdoing things.

9. Kinder Valley Flow Mattress

The mattress is made from the polyester pad with high-density quality that delivers amazing support and comfort. It also comes with its own cover that can be easily removed to promote easy cleaning and washing.

And since the cover is equipped with a zipper, removing and washing it would be easy. The mattress can conform the figure of the toddlers or babies and yet it won’t cause them to sink to it.

The cover itself is water-resistant with breathable quality so you won’t have to worry about asthma or eczema problems. These are the qualities you can expect from the best cot mattress!

10. NightComfort Quilted Mattress

The mattress has quilted cover that provides a soft surface so babies and toddlers can have comfortable sleeping. It will minimize rash and allergies so parents won’t have to worry about anything.

The zipped cover makes it easy to remove the cover as well as having easy cleaning. And the cover is also washable – even with the washing machine. The mattress feels fluffy and thick but with firm quality.

The bonded core makes it very nice for the babies to sleep in because of the quality firmness. The breathable and quilted cover is hypo-allergenic with nursery fibre quality. Is it firm and comfortable? Yes, it is!


With these candidates of good products, you won’t have to worry about anything. Be sure that you can get the best cot mattress that fits your needs.

Things to consider for Cot Mattress


It is essential that you buy a cot bed mattress that fits exactly into the base of the cot beds frame. There should be no space wider than 40 mm as any gap wider than that could increase the risk of your child getting their hand or fingers trapped which could lead to a serious accident. This particularly the case when the cot is one of the few places where you have to leave your baby to sleep unattended so, it is important to get the right size to give you the peace of mind.  There are many sizes available with the cot bed mattress 140 x 70 being a popular size.


The most common type is the foam cot bed mattress and they come in different grades of foam. The thicker the foam means it will be more durable and provide greater support for your baby. A cheap cot bed mattress will usually have a thinner and lighter foam around 7 cm’s which are fine for short term use but are prone to indents and wear & tear. If you are planning to use your it for more than 2 years it is advisable to select one with a quality thick foam of about 100 mm as this will enable to support your baby comfortably through the early toddler years. The price is more expensive but in the long term, you will save money.

The spring cot bed mattress provides more support and durability compared to the foam cot bed mattress. They include pocket springs that are similar to an adult king size mattress and foam to provide extra support and comfort. The springs ensure the surface remains level and flat however, with enough give to prevent rollaway.  A quality sprung cot bed mattress will last 4 to 5 years as long as it is well maintained.

If you are planning to take your baby or toddler on a camping holiday or even a trip to the sea then, a folding cot with an air mattress is definitely a good option to ensure your child remains safe and comfortable as if they were sleeping back at home. The folding cot and air mattress are lightweight, easy to fold up or down and take up very little storage space.


If you have ever brought up a baby you will know that they can be messy little critters. With all that sweat, slobbering and regurgitated food and milk it is so important to keep the mattress clean to prevent the build-up of germs and bacteria. That is why you will need a bed bug mattress cover to prevent your babies fluids seeping into the foam where germs can breed and multiply. It is advisable that you buy at least 2 covers and top sheets that you have a replacement when one needs changing. Make sure the top covers are made of washable cotton material.

I hope you found the information helpful,  you should also consider the following guidelines to help your baby or child have a good night sleep.

1) Make sure the room is well ventilated

2) Position your baby so that it is lying on its back

3) Ensure the room is not too hot or cold – there cheap little thermometers that help you gauge the right temperature and increase or decrease the number of top covers needed.

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