Top 10 Best Hybrid Mattresses 2021 UK Review

You are probably wondering what a hybrid mattress is and how it is different from the other types of mattresses – such as the memory foam. Let’s not forget that hybrid is a term generally used to describe the use of different (but combined) materials and elements. The same principle also goes for the mattress. The hybrid item combines memory foam (sometimes it can be latex too) with an innerspring system to produce a contouring comfort and sturdy support.

Why Hybrid Mattress

Sometimes, it is hard to choose the right mattress for your needs. You may go with memory foam but it is so plush that it makes you sink. Or you may choose the innerspring mattress, but the mattress itself feels so tough that it actually hurts your back – no matter how well they support it.

With the hybrid mattress, you enjoy the benefits of two worlds. You can enjoy the bouncy effect of the mattress. Yet, you can also enjoy the plush memory foam that delivers contouring benefits –hugging your figure as you asleep so it won’t hurt your spine and joints. For some people, such a Hybrid Mattress is a perfect option for their back problem and sleeping issue. And there are some good candidates for such a mattress. Let’s take a closer look.

Top 10 Best Hybrid Mattresses 2021 UK

1. Casper King Size Mattress

Want to sleep on clouds? Well, at least that’s what people say about the mattress. They love how soft it is to sleep on the mattress – as if they were sleeping on the clouds. The spring system is bouncy, and yet it isn’t too bouncy that will endanger you. When you sleep on it, you will feel that the support system is quite good. It feels firm and yet soft at the same time. The memory foam is pressure-free so you won’t hurt your spine at all.

The surface is soft and breathable – meaning that it won’t collect sweat. It cools you down when the temperature is rising and it warms you up when the temperature is dropping.  Don’t forget that the mattress has three different layers for the added comfort. Rest assured that it can support you in the softest and most gentle way.

The hybrid mattress can also isolate movements. It means that it can ‘hug’ your figure for a comfortable sleeping situation and yet it will isolate you from your partner’s movement. When they are tossing or moving around, you won’t be moving with them. You can stay sleeping soundly without being bothered by any movement or whatsoever.

2. Inofia Extraordinary LegenComfort

This Inofia mattress has a very nice construction and also surface. The memory foam mattress, for instance, is able to support your weight and adjust to your figure. In this way, you won’t have to suffer from the stiff surface that hurts the joints and some pressure points on the body. Basically, you will sleep on a comfortable and plush platform –but it won’t be too plush or soft that it will make you sink into the mattress.

When you combine such a plush mattress with a great support system, you get yourself a mattress that feels strong and solid underneath you, and yet also gentle and soft. A lot of people claim that they enjoy the firm and yet soft platform. It isn’t too hard or rigid that hurts your body, and yet it isn’t too soft and plush that makes you go sink whenever you lie on it.

The only downside is that the edges aren’t as solid as the centre – the edges can be quite mushy. However, since most people are using the centre as their sleeping platform, this isn’t such a big deal. But it could be nice if the mattress has an even and well-distributed surface without any difference in the firmness level.

3. Emma Hybrid Mattress

Experts believe that the perfect mattress is the one that is just right – not too much and not too less. This is the concept that Emma Hybrid delivers. They are able to create a mattress that isn’t too hard and yet not too soft either.

The spring system is able to deliver a solid and firm platform, and the memory foam is able to deliver a plush sleeping surface. As a result, you can enjoy a solid and sturdy structure with a plush and comfy surface. When you lie on the mattress, the softness feels right. It won’t sink you in but it supports you the right way.

Whereas certain mattresses are built for certain sleepers (back sleepers or side sleepers), this hybrid mattress is designed for all. Whether you are a stomach sleeper or a back sleeper, rest assured that you will only enjoy quality sleep without compromised quality.

4. Simba Hybrid Mattress

This is another perfect mattress that will support you all through the night without causing any backache or joint pain. As long as you allow enough time for the mattress to unroll itself completely, you will enjoy the magical wonder that affects your quality sleeping.

A lot of people who have bought the mattress were a bit hesitant at first. After they let the mattress to unroll and expand overnight, the mattress still feels soft to their touch. But once they try lying on it, it was magnificent! They can feel the support at the right places and yet the mattress feels soft and plush at the same time. It’s quite amazing.

The breathable surface is also impressive. If you often feel sweaty and hot at night, you should consider buying this one. The air circulation system is heavenly – it makes you stay cool and cosy during your sleep.

5. Nytex Memory Mattress

If you are looking for a perfect hybrid mattress that can provide a solid and firm construction without hurting your back, then you are looking at the right candidate. This one has a very well-balanced of firmness and softness. It isn’t soft and sinking, but it is more like a soft and sturdy structure. Thanks to the combined spring system and the contouring sleeping platform, the mattress is ideal for those dealing with back issues on a daily basis.

The spring system is nice. It is bouncy but not too much – just enough bounciness to make you stay comfortable. The mattress is soft but not to the point that it is sinking you way to deep. Thanks to the memory foam, you can sleep soundly because the mattress is adjusting to your weight and body contour instead of working against you. As a result, it is able to support your body just nicely and yet it is also soft and supple – making you feel as if you were sleeping on clouds.

A lot of people who have bought and tried the mattress that their quality sleep has improved – and they no longer suffer from any back problem or other health issues.

6. Inofia Barrel-type Mattress

When you are looking for a mattress, be sure that you are also looking for a breathable one and has a good air circulation system. Breathable surface means that it won’t collect or pool sweat and the air circulation is made better. The surface remains cool and yet it is able to warm you up when the temperature is low.

After all, a mattress that collects sweat and traps body heat has a bigger chance to be a perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria – and you don’t want that to happen, right.

As a part of Inofia products, the mattress is cosy. The spring system is bouncy. Yes, it is firm but it is also bouncy. And then there is the memory foam that will adjust to your weight and your body figure. The next time you lie on your mattress, it will ’remember’ your shape and automatically adjust itself to wrap you up. No wonder if people are able to sleep better with the memory foam. You will too if you sleep on the clouds, right?

7. Perfect Cloud Mattress

A mattress can determine whether you can enjoy a quality sleeping or not, and if you have one from Perfect Cloud, you will enjoy a good night sleep as you have never before. The mattress has a good combination of the plush sleeping platform (from the memory foam) and a very nice support system (from the spring construction).

Basically, you want a balanced mode of firmness and softness. You want a sleeping platform that isn’t too rigid or harsh, and yet not too soft and sinking. Well, the hybrid mattress from Perfect Cloud is able to deliver both. The spring system is solid and sturdy, resulting in firm construction.

The memory foam is adjusting and plush, delivering a soft sleeping construction. When you combine them both, you get yourself a perfection that matters so much to your sleeping quality.  Another cool thing about this mattress is that you only need2 hours to unroll the mattress completely so you won’t need to spend a long time to use it right away.

8. Eve Sleep Breathable Mattress

This mattress uses a special support system with5-zoned manner. It responds to the body naturally and automatically so you can only enjoy a good night sleep.

Basically, the spring support system will make sure that the mattress remains bouncy and firm without creating an overly hard sleeping surface. And when you combine it with the memory foam mattress, you get a sleeping platform that is plush and can adjust automatically to your body.

One of the best things about this mattress is the zoned springs – designed to relieve hips and shoulders pressure. The mattress is able to align your body position while sleeping so there won’t be any pressure build-up to your body. The memory foam is also breathable and cool. It won’t collect sweat while you are asleep. Plus, the air circulation is made better for a more hygienic result.

9. Inofia Washable Mattress

Not only this mattress is bouncy but it is also plush and soft. The memory foam will deliver great pressure relief which means that there are no joints or body points with heavy pressure while you are sleeping. And the spring system is supportive and solid. You can enjoy a bouncy and firm mattress with a soft and breathable sleeping surface for a better quality sleeping.

This is another product from Inofia with barrel type construction made from medium steel. When compared to the regular support, the pocket spring with barrel type is more resilient without compromising comfort.

It also creates less friction that produces less noise. The memory foam is made from eco-friendly material that will deliver perfect quality sleeping. This hybrid mattress has a removable cover that improves easy care and clean.

10. Tranquild Hybrid Mattress

The quality is just what you expect from a hybrid mattress. It is plush and yet also firm at the same time. It feels solid and sturdy and yet there is a sense of softness to the mattress. It seems that the combination of the spring system and the memory foam is just great to deliver such a wonderful sleeping platform that can improve your sleeping quality.

The sleeping surface feels soft and breathable. When you touch it, there is a sense of coolness – and it stays that way for good! A lot of the users are amazed on how such a bouncy item can be packed and rolled into a box during the delivery. When you want to use it, simply place the mattress on the bed and puncture the wrapping.

Once the seal is damaged, the mattress will unroll itself. Unfortunately, it takes around 48 hours for the mattress to perfectly unroll so you won’t be able to use it right after you unwrap it. But if you are patient enough, you won’t be disappointed by the quality of the mattress. It is worth the wait.


As you can see, there are so many different products available on the market. Each of them has their own speciality and downside. Let’s not forget that such a mattress can be pricey too. Choose wisely of the perfect hybrid mattress that fits your needs.

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