Top 10 Best Mattress For Side Sleepers 2021 UK

Choosing the best mattress is entails for a side sleeper. Probably you also can guess that an evening sleep is very important to keep you productive. So, for the comfiest rest and sound sleep you need a mattress that can ensure your sound sleep. Best mattress for side sleepers is much more helpful to relieve pressure from your shoulder, back, neck, hips and other joints of the body.

Most mattress manufacturers company make more than one type of mattress, mainly there are four primary mattress types to choose from. In this article, I will try to show the best mattress is best for side sleepers. It will also help potential buyers too to decide if this type of bedding is the best choice for them. Let’s take a closer look.

Top 10 Best Mattress Side Sleepers 2021 UK

1. Emma Original Double Mattress

As one of the best side sleeper mattress, this double mattress comes with good pressure relief and impressive body support. It is firm to support your weight and yet very flexible to adapt to your body figure and shape.

The mattress has 3-layers zone comfort and profile that will improve pressure distribution evenly so you can sleep comfortably without any significant pressure points. The mattress also comes with breathable foam from Airgocell that circulate the ventilation and provide open pores.

As a result, you can stay cool and convenient while sleeping – no matter the weather and temperature. And whatever climate you are in, you can be sure that you will remain comfortable without any possibility of sweat pool.

2. Inofia Extraordinary LegenComfort

The mattress is constructed from pocket coils that encourage and enhance the even weight distribution.  The pocket coil itself is sturdy and strong, and yet it is also soft and accommodating to the pressure points all over the body.

The memory foam also isolates your section to the one shared by your partner. Not only you won’t be disturbed by your partner’s movement, but you can also enjoy improved comfort.

Moreover, the mattress can conform easily and nicely to the body’s shape and figure so E your joints and bones would sink into the plushness and softness of the mattress. Don’t be fooled by the foam. It feels light and heavy at the same time.

3. Starlight Luxury Mattress

Don’t be fooled by the low tag price because you can only enjoy the high-quality features and benefits. The mattress is firm and sturdy and yet it is also soft and plush. The firmness is good for the body because it can accommodate your weight just nicely and have an even weight distribution.

And yet, the mattress is also plush and soft. It feels like lying on the clouds without you having to sink yourself and get drown to the mattress.

And the mattress comes with anti-allergens and breathable surface that will regulate the temperature so you will only have an enjoyable sleeping time.

4. Inofia Breathable Mattress Springs Double

The mattress has premium foal that can relieve pressure building as well as improving quality sleep. Thanks to the foam, you can enjoy pain-free moments because the foam will follow your body’s shape and figure. The foam can basically ‘hug’ you when you are asleep so you can enjoy movement isolation.

This feature is handy when you have a sleeping partner that is often turning and tossing. When you move around, your partner won’t feel the movement and vice versa.

No need to worry about squeaks or dips that are often caused by traditional woven springs – you won’t experience such a thing because of the individual pocket springs. No wonder if this item is called as the best side sleeper mattress you will ever find!

5. Silentnight Medium Mattress Memory Rolled

As a part of Silentnight products, this one has solid and yet soft support. The construction is solid and impressive, able to deliver firm condition without compromising comfort and convenience.

It also comes with the combined comfortable and breathable sleeping surface with anti-allergy features. The mattress can be both light and heavy at the same time. It is flexible and yet firm altogether.

This mattress also featuring a Miratex foam core that can help to absorbs movement.

6. Dosleeps Breathable Mattress 9 Zone

The mattress is coming with improved technology that will support 7 pressure points on your body. Thanks to the spring coil pockets, you can be sure about the quality of construction as well as a plush sleeping condition.

The surface comes with quilting 3D technique and double side mesh design. With thick pad and quality materials, you can enjoy the quality air ventilation and circulation so you will stay comfy while sleeping.

This mattress is soft and comfortable, also it is flexible to body as well as strong. Other top features include wear-resistant and anti-pilling. It will ensure a comfortable sleep because the surface of the mattress is made up of many breathable shapes.

7. HomyLink Knitting Breathable Mattress

This best side sleeper mattress comes with ergonomic design and orthopaedic ability that will help you deal with anybody pain or discomfort. This feature is great for shaping the body and providing a solid (and firm) support.

With the combined features of nice design, impressive structure, and fresh materials, you can only enjoy the best. The sleeping surface is breathable and comfortable. Circulation and regulation are managed in the best way so that you can stay sleeping without being disturbed by anything (hot weather, climate, etc).

The foam is able to absorb any movement and shock. The firm quality will make your muscles stay relaxed and also release the body’s tension and stress.

8. Vesgantti Luxury Mattress Double

The mattress is claimed as a luxury mattress because of the combination of quality construction and also comfortable materials. The multilayer foam offers breathable feature along with hypoallergenic and non-toxic qualities.

Not only the mattress can increase the body moisture and sweat, but you will also stay comfortable while sleeping. The mattress is made from wrapped spring for firm quality support. As a result, the body’s 7 pressure points will be relieved so you won’t have to deal with pain or ache on your neck, shoulders, waist, head, legs, feet.

Moreover, the mattress has its own noise absorption and vibration reduction so you can sleep soundly without too much turning and tossing.

9. Dosleeps Mattress 9 Zone Pocket

The mattress has zone support system (up to 9 zones) that consists of spring coil pockets that are constructed individually that can reduce the noise of the (spring coil) collision as well as eliminating motion disturbances and pressure points.

The construction will lead to lower back pain reduction – you can really have an enjoyable sleep! The surface of the mattress comes with special fibres, Tencel Lyocell, that would absorb moisture.

It is more effective than regular cotton. This material will also improve better temperature control and regulation so you can sleep in a comfortable position and surrounding.  Want to have an enjoyable sleep? This is your choice.

10. Silentnight Rolled Memory Medium

The Miratex foam will absorb movement, isolating your movements from your partners’. The knit cover is comfortable and luxurious. With these combinations, you can enjoy your sleeping moments without compromising your comfort.

The reason why the mattress is so soft and good is because of the memory foam. This best side sleeper mattress can provide firm support as well as the soft and plush surface. When you lie on the mattress, you can enjoy sturdy support and yet a very soft sleeping surface.

Besides the quality cover, the surface isn’t only breathable but also allergy-resistant.  This is a perfect mattress for those with allergies.

Those are the top 10 candidates for the best items. Which of the best side sleeper mattress that you like?

What is the best type of mattress for side sleepers?

The detail analysis pros and cons for each type of mattresses is given below:

Memory Foam


  • Reduce pressure points
  • Relieve pain
  • Contour the natural shape of your body
  • Absorb movement (when you sleep with another person, you don’t worry to be disturbed by his or her tossing and turning)
  • Durability
  • Most comfortable mattress


  • Temperature-sensitive issue. However, recently, mattress manufacturers have proposed a way to address this disadvantage by using “open-cell” memory foams, channel-cut foam cores, gel-infused foams, and reticulated foam support layers to improve the circulation of the air.
  • Weight

Latex mattress


  • Pain relief
  • Customizable in terms of firmness and layer configuration.
  • Be firm and supportive, but also offer comfort as same as memory foam
  • Providing more support compared to memory foam
  • Durability
  • Eco-friendly
  • Isolate motion or absorb movement


  • A little firmer than a memory foam mattress
  • Weight
  • Cost

Innerspring mattress


  • Most widely used in terms of sales
  • Price (cheaper)
  • Range of firmness
  • Availability


  • Not the best fit for side sleepers
  • Sellers attempt to sell based on an idea that more coils create more comfort, but it may be not true
  • comfort
  • Durability
  • Motion and noise disturbances

Air Mattress


  • Flexible.
  • The firmness of each side can be transformed, suit for couple couples with differences of comfort and softness level preferences
  • Adjustable: if you like softer or firmer than your partner
  • Portable, there are a variety of portable air mattresses for camping


  • Sometimes fail to make air mattresses firm enough
  • Less sophisticated

You now have an idea about what type of mattress is best for side sleepers.

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