Top 10 Best Memory Foam Mattress Toppers 2021 UK

A memory foam mattress topper provides an economical alternative to buying a new mattress. The memory foam topper come in a variety of designs, sizes, thicknesses and textures and other features that suit all mattresses.

These foam mattress topper offers many health benefits as it moulds around the shape of the body and keeps it in proper alignment. It can accommodate the body to the sleeping style of the user and provide him with an extra cushioning and comfort. The addition to the mattress supports every part of the body and reduces the painful pressure on various points. The mattress topper makes the bed softer and more relaxing. The topper can fit seamlessly over any existing standard mattress. One can get all the benefits from the mattress topper if one selects the right memory foam topper.

Top 10 Best Mattress Foam Toppers 2021 UK

1. Silentnight Airmax Mattress Topper

If you are looking for a way to improve your sleeping comfort without having to spend a fortune, then this mattress topper would be the perfect one for you. There are so many features to like about this mattress.  First of all, the existence of the mesh walls is great for air circulation. The mesh walls enable constant air circulation by allowing warm air to get out of the topper. As a result, the mattress will remain cool and you won’t have to deal with the overheating issue. The breathable feature is one thing to enjoy about the topper.

The topper comes with 5 cm depth which is quite thick for a topper. After all, the mattress topper is created to deliver a softer sleeping platform. And then, the topper is washable too. Whenever you feel that the topper is dirty, you only need to pop it into your washing machine and voila! Your topper will be as good as new. With the hypoallergenic feature, you will enjoy both comfortable and also safe sleeping surroundings. No wonder if this product is included within the list of the best mattress topper available in the market.

2. MASVIS Quilted Topper Pocket

This is another promising mattress topper that can improve your sleeping comfort without any fuss. If you look at the design, you will think of it as a regular mattress instead of a topper. The design is exclusive and it looks expensive. If you are thinking about improving your interior bed decor, this topper would be the right option.

The luxury topper is definitely comfortable with the fluffy surface. It is also breathable that can reduce the possibility of mildew and mould. No more lying around with a pool of (your) sweat from the excessive heat. Can you enjoy a good night sleep? Why not?

The design is modern with the combination of standing polyester, premium combed cotton, and also strip printing surface. You can easily clean it too because the topper is washable. With a clean and hygienic feature, your mattress will never be the same anymore.  Don’t forget to place the topper under the sun first once you unroll it from the package. Let it unroll on its own – you don’t need to do anything.

3. Silentnight Deep Sleep Topper

This is a mattress topper that feels and functions like the real mattress. The surface is fluffy and soft, and there is a sense of plushness that you may not easily find from other toppers. One of the reasons why the topper is very comfortable is because of the hollow fibre filling the topper. It creates remarkable support and comfort that continues on and on and on.

As one of the best mattress toppers ever created, this topper also comes with corner straps that will secure its position on the mattress. Don’t you hate it when your topper keeps on sliding so you have to tidy it up again? Well, you won’t experience such a thing with this topper. Thanks to the elastic straps, you can be sure that the topper will fit nicely to your mattress while securing its position.

The surface is hypoallergenic, which means that you won’t have to worry about allergies or whatsoever. The basic feature includes anti-bacterial trait that will keep you safe while sleeping. The topper can also be easily washed and cleaned. In the end, you can enjoy a hygienic and also super comfortable sleeping platform.

4. Southern Foam Memory Mattress Topper

The memory foam is smart in a way that it can adjust to your body’s weight and shape and then ‘remembers’ it – hence, the memory name. Get it? Memory foam is usually used in a mattress but this topper is made from high-quality memory foam. As a result, you can enjoy a better and plusher sleeping platform. The memory foam is truly great to deliver a more comfortable sleeping surface.

The topper has a very nice support system that is great to address some health issues, including backache and pain. In the event that your mattress is too firm or solid, you won’t have to buy another new mattress. You can spend less with a topper and it can deliver an instant softer sleeping platform without a fuss. If you want to have solid support without hurting your back and hurting your wallet, this topper can be a good option. The easy use and wash is another thing to like about this topper.

5. Rejuvopedic Microfiber Topper

Want to know another option for the best mattress topper that you can choose? How about the mattress topper from Rejuvopedic? The topper is made from high-quality materials that will make you stay comfortable when you are sleeping. The outer material is soft so you won’t have to worry about rash or allergy. Not to mention that the topper also comes with anti-bacterial and anti mites features that will make you stay safe and protected from germs invasion.

The topper is washable which means that easy cleaning is possible. You can easily pop it into the washing machine and the topper will be clean in no time. The corner straps will make sure an easy fit and you won’t have to worry about it gets sliding again and again. It may be a small feature but it is handy because it reduces the fuss and hassle in making the bed. Want to increase your comfort while sleeping? Try this topper and see how it works for you!

6. Highliving Quilted Topper

This is another best mattress topper that most people like because of the many winning qualities and features. First of all, the topper is super comfortable and plush. Other toppers may be claimed to have soft surface but this one is truly impressive. The soft surface is truly soft and plush, and the quality of the topper is nice and reliable. A lot of people who have tried the topper claim that the mattress top is super comfy. The support system is somewhat bouncy and it won’t create a sinking effect.

The surface is cool and clean. The washable feature is very helpful because you can easily wash it whenever you like – and it won’t compromise the integrity of the topper. The breathable feature encourages better air circulation that releases the warm air to deliver a cooler sleeping platform. Not only you won’t have to worry about germs, mites, or bacterial infestation, you also won’t have to worry about the possibility of allergy or rash. If you really want to have a more enjoyable sleeping experience, try this topper.

7. A&R Microlite Hotel Quality Topper

If you are looking for a luxurious but affordable mattress topper, this one can be included in your wish-list. The topper comes with elastic corner straps that will fit easily to your mattress and secure its place conveniently. Not to mention that the topper comes with microlite microfiber that creates a bouncy and plush effect –no matter how firm or hard your mattress is.

The topper is made from pure polyester material that has nice support construction. Not only the topper can deliver very nice and comfortable sleeping enjoyment, but it can also help with even weight distribution. The breathable surface will make sure that you remain cool and comfy while sleeping while the hypoallergenic features will make you stay away from allergies. If you are thinking about buying an affordable topper with the quality made, this one should be included in your next shopping list.

8. Highliving Microfiber Mattress Topper

This is one of the best mattress toppers that can support your weight just firmly and nicely. Yes, it is a topper but it has a similar quality like a real mattress. A lot of people say that the quality of the topper is squishy but it won’t sink you. When combined with a mattress with memory foam, you will have a nice, firm, soft, and also adjustable sleeping platform that will improve your quality sleeping.

The topper is soft with a breathable surface. Thanks to its good air circulation feature, the topper maintains a cool temperature that is great for improved sleeping comfort. The cool feature will let go of the heat while circulating the cool air that will make you stay comfy while sleeping. Not to mention that the hypoallergenic surface will also keep you safe because you no longer have to worry about allergies or other similar problems.

The topper has a good support system with a pleasant bouncy effect. Want to have a plush and yet soft sleeping surface? Want to enjoy a safe sleeping platform that will affect your comfort? This topper is your best pick!

9. Silentnight Double Memory Foam Topper

Imagine this: you have double memory foam for your mattress topper. What can you expect from it? A super soft and plush topper, for sure.  And it is exactly what you can expect from this topper. Whereas other toppers don’t have a memory foam (if they do have it, they only have one layer of the memory foam), this product from Silentnight has a double layer.  You can imagine how plush, soft, and bouncy the topper it.

And let’s not forget that such a topper also comes with the hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial property that will keep you safe during sleep. If you have allergies, be sure that this topper can help you deal with your issue. The breathable surface will also regulate the temperature in such an effective (and efficient) way so you will remain comfy when sleeping. And the topper is washable so you can maintain its cleanliness without difficulty. Sounds like a good deal, right?

10. Sweet Dream Orthopedic Topper

Do you have back issues that have been nagging for years? Do you have allergy problems too? Are you struggling with the sleeping pattern because you can’t get a comfortable or quality sleep? If most of your answers are yes, then you should consider having this product from Sweet Dream to help you.

This is a product that is claimed to have orthopaedic benefit as well as anti-allergy features. The topper has a firm but soft support system with its bouncy characteristics. If you have any backache problem, this topper will help – considering that its orthopaedic feature will help. And if you have allergies, the breathable and safe surface will protect you from mites or allergens. This is a worthy product to own.

In the end, you can choose which topper to buy. With these candidates of the best mattress topper, you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding the right one.

How to Choose Mattress Topper

Here are a few guidelines for choosing the best memory foam mattress topper to enjoy its benefits. At the same time, it is essential to ensure that the existing mattress is in good shape and largely feels supportive. It should be free from sags or dents and provide a consistent base to the topper.


The first step is to measure the size of the existing mattress to buy the correct size of the mattress topper to cover it.

Once the size has been decided, the user has to decide on the other important features that include material, density, firmness and thickness that best suits him. He can also go for the optional features such as surface texture, ventilation, cooling, cover quality, etc. if he really needs them and can also afford them.

Selecting the Right Material:

Memory foam is made of polyurethane by adding a few chemicals that increase its density and viscosity. The high-density memory foam becomes softer as it comes in contact with the body and absorbs body-heat in a few minutes. The low-density foam is sensitive to pressure and quickly moulds itself to the shape of the body and makes it comfortable. It returns back to its original condition once the pressure is removed. This is an advantage of memory foam to use it in the mattresses and mattress topper.

In some cases, the added chemicals may result in the faster breaking down of memory foam or getting it permanently compressed resulting in a hotter sleep or reduced cushioning. There are some companies offering very cheap foam topper. It may be a poor quality product that may not give the desired comfort level and support. The poor quality memory foam may also give a foul smell. But, a low price may not always be bad quality. The best thing is to buy the products from reputed companies that are backed with a long warranty.

Memory foam provides the right support to the body while during sleep. It is ideal for those suffering from arthritis or rheumatoid pains.

Proper Density:

The density is considered as the most important characteristic of memory foam. It is a very critical factor while selecting a memory foam topper for the mattress. There are many options for foam density. It is measured in pounds per cubic foot. One can get memory foam in a range of density between 1 lb/ Cu Ft to 8 lb/ Cu Ft. If the density is more, the foam can conform to the body contours giving more support to the body and provide relief from the pressures. It will take a slightly longer time to come to its original shape.

A higher density topper is more suitable if the user needs a firmer bed to get extra support, particularly when the original mattress is soft. This type of mattress is also more durable but will be stiffer and hotter. On the other hand, a lower density topper will give lesser support and comfort. A density of 4 or 5 lbs usually makes most people comfortable.


Another factor, that is most commonly ignored by people is ILD (indentation load deflection). It refers to the firmness or the spring action of the memory foam topper. ILD is derived by dividing the weight of the topper by the compression percentage of foam. Generally, the topper will come in a range from 8 to 20 ILD (softer to harder). A topper with ILD 12 is medium-soft while that with ILD 16 is medium-hard. The ILD is affected by the room temperature.


It will depend on the quality and condition of the existing mattress. Sleeping style is another important aspect of choosing the topper thickness. The best thickness of the foam topper will give the body the correct degree of comfort and a nice sleep it needs. The thickness will also depend on the density of the topper. The thin mattress topper normally has 2-inch thickness. A thin topper is ideal for those who sleep on the stomach. It will prevent the person from sinking deeply into his bed.

Medium thickness is most suitable for those who frequently change the sleeping position between sides and back. This normal 3-inch thick mattress topper with a density of 4 lbs/Cu Ft can uniformly diffuse the pressure at different points on the body. It is also suitable for preventing stiffness in the neck or aching of the muscles.

If a person needs a comfortable and firm bed, a 4-inch memory foam mattress topper will be the best for him. These mattress toppers are suitable for thin and bony people as they can ease the pressures on different body parts. For a higher density topper, a lower thickness will be preferable.

Additional Features:

The mattress toppers are also made with some optional additional features that include:


The topper manufacturers make a textured surface of the mattress like pressure points, which are meant to relieve the pressure and relax the body.

Ventilation and Cooling:

Some memory foam toppers are made with open-cells, gel or beads for ventilation and cooling. A gel memory foam mattress topper will make the user feel cool and avoid sweating during sleep.


A few mattress toppers are sold with removable covers. Isotonic Memory Foam Topper is sold with a Velour Cover. The cover is removable, easier to clean and independently washable. It is a 2-inch thick topper without any ventilation. The velour cover also helps prevent tossing and turning during sleep. This mattress is also very reasonably priced.

Chemical Treatments:

Some mattress toppers are treated for germ protection or added with some chemicals to reduce the odour of memory foam.

There are so many brands and varieties of mattress toppers on the market and each has certain features and own benefits.

The best mattress topper will :

  • Have the finest material that will last for many years.
  • Be affordable
  • Give proper support and comfort to have a restful night’s sleep
  • Have the right configuration of density, thickness and firmness and other features for the correct body alignment and comfort
  • Be easier to clean
  • Have no chemical issues or bad odour


Once the user has shortlisted the mattress toppers suitable for him, it is important to try those before finally deciding to purchase any. It is possible to try the mattresses at a store. They will normally allow you to lie down on it and try the mattress toppers. The buyer can try various toppers according to his list and then select the mattress topper of a particular brand according to his budget that will give him maximum comfort, restful sleep and will be durable as well. He can then go online and find the best offer for his selection.


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