Top 10 Best Pocket Sprung Mattresses 2021 UK

Today’s advanced and modern technology has brought us tons of benefits and advantages, including improved comfort and better sleep when it comes to pocket sprung mattress. If you think that all mattresses are the same, you haven’t done your research thoroughly. There are actually many different types of mattresses, and the pocket sprung type is believed to deliver better result and comfort.

This kind of mattress is made from each individual pocket spring which is enclosed in its fabric pocket. As a result, each spring would work independently and react only to the applied pressure to a certain area. You can expect improved personalized response and support for each individual sleeping on it. The pocket springs won’t move as the whole unit so it would prevent movement transfer as well as roll-together effect. If you are likely to turn and toss throughout the sleeping period or both you and partner are within different weights, then this type of mattress would be super handy. It will definitely improve your sleeping quality and comfort.

There are some of the best pocket sprung mattresses 2021 in the UK, and each of them has their own strength and also possible flaws. Let’s check them one by one to know better about each individual product.

Vesgantti 4FT6 Double Mattress

There are some benefits that you can gain from using this mattress. It will support your body firmly and yet comfortably while minimizing the transfer of motion at the same time. The mattress is also great to keep the spine aligned all through the night.

Not to mention that it also comes with a memory foam mattress that would accommodate and ‘hug’ your body contour to deliver a better result. The mattress can relieve the pressure on sensitive area so your sleeping time would be highly qualified.

The mattress also comes with a hypoallergenic cover with its own airy holes so the sleeping surface would remain cool and comfortable. And the mattress also has impressive resilience and good shock absorption that can absorb any vibration and noise effectively. This is a definitely a must-have item.

Inofia Double Memory Foam Sprung Mattress

This is another promising and reliable pocket sprung mattress variant. Thanks to the memory foam layer, you can move freely and yet be able to have a great (and firm) support from the mattress.

One of the coolest features is the bounce and movement absorption which means that you can sleep undisturbed when your partner is tossing and turning – and vice versa. The pocket coil technology is great in providing support for everyone sleeping on the mattress.

It can deliver motion separation (for better back support) as well as delivering nice pressure relief. This is the type of technology that would support each body just perfectly, no matter how heavy or whatever body type you have. The breathable feature is also impressive, improving the comfort and making the surface stay cool all through the night.

Vesgantti Double Mattress, 10.3 Inch

The mattress is designed so it can provide not only great support, but also be able to relieve pressure points within 7 spots of the body, such as head, neck, shoulders, waist, hips, feet, and legs. And it comes with a good combination of resilience and shock absorption, which means that it can effectively reduce vibration and also noise.

The breathable foam is baby-friendly as it is hypoallergenic and also non-toxic. Can you improve the air circulation while you are sleeping? Yes, you can. Can you reduce moisture and body sweats to improve dry and comfy sleep? Absolutely – but only if you use this mattress. It’s quite a bargain, right?

Inofia Pocket Sprung Mattresses with Zoned Support

If you want to enjoy better sleep, this mattress can help you. With a good combination of firm spring support and pressure-free technology, you can have a better quality sleep.

A lot of users claim that they have never slept better. The mattress has this nice firmness feel to it, and yet it feels plush and soft at the same time – but it won’t sink you.

The mattress cover is soft and breathable. It has a good air circulation system that would improve your comfort – not to mention that it makes you stay dry and cool while sleeping. And the bounce-free design is super nice because you get to enjoy free movement without having to worry that you may disturb your partner.

Yaheetech 4ft6 Double Mattress

This is a mattress with an ergonomic design that is great for shaping your body to promote better alignment and sleeping. Thanks to the individual spring coil, the mattress can provide firm support without compromising the comfort.

Basically, the mattress has a good firmness so your body won’t sink into it. And yet it also has good movement control and isolation so turning and tossing won’t lead to any uncomfortable sleep. The mattress is also good to deal with spine issue or muscle pains.

Besides the solid durability, the surface is cool. The breathable surface would improve air circulation so you can enjoy better sleep without feeling hot or damp. Basically, you will stay dry during the night, while being able to enjoy the plush sleeping surface at the same time. Sounds like a promise, eh?

HomyLink Orthopedic Mattress

This is an orthopaedic mattress that has tons of benefits. It comes with an ergonomic design that would be great for body shaping. When combined with breathable and eco-friendly cover, you can enjoy high-quality sleep without compromising look and comfort.

The pocket spring provides good and firm support while distributing your weight evenly and isolating your body contour. This would result in improved sleeping quality where you can reduce sleeping pressures and not being disturbed by any movement from your partner at the same time.

The cover also comes with anti-allergy and anti mites technology, so you can rest peacefully without having to worry about a silent attack from mites.

Jay Be Anti Allergy Mattress

If your kids have an allergic issue, then this mattress from Jay Be would likely be a great option. There are tons of things to like about it. It comes with smart comfort fibre layer that would regulate the moisture and temperature just perfectly.

The medium pocket spring would provide good and firm support and yet it also delivers a nice contouring effect. The barrier is breathable and flexible, designed for greater durability and comfort. And the Purotex (infused) fabric is included to reduce dust mites presence.

With the combination of foam-free layers and medium firmness pocket sprung, your kids will enjoy high-quality sleep. And the Purotex is great to absorb moisture, reducing dust mite allergens presence that can trigger the allergic reaction.

Dosleeps Double Breathable Mattress

The spring coil technology is quite sturdy because it is made from (tempered) stainless steel that is wired into a bucket form. So, it is sturdy and solid, able to accommodate and handle different kinds of weight.

The technology in this pocket sprung mattress can also help to reduce lower back pain, motion disturbance, and also pressure points. In short, you will only experience the most satisfying and the best sleeping moments only!

The mattress has its extra layer of memory foam that would contour your body to eliminate unnecessary movements. When you combine this foam with the great support of the coil spring, the result is a firm and yet plush mattress. The cover is breathable, providing a good air circulation that will make you stay cool – no matter what.

Ej. Life 4FT6 Double Pocket Sprung

This is an example of a good quality pocket sprung mattress because of the quality of the springs. The mattress is firm and yet it is also comfortable.

The spring would improve the firmness to provide better support for the body, but at the same time, the memory foam mattress also provides a comfortable sleeping platform that is highly convenient. So, it is a firm mattress and yet it is also plush at the same time.

If you have problems with painful joints, bad back, or waist ache, you should try this kind of mattress. This mattress would support your body just well and relieving pressure on certain points while you are sleeping. Most people who have used the mattress claim that they feel refreshed when they wake up and they feel a lot better. You should give it a try.

Vesgantti Individually Wrapped Mattress

Not many mattresses are coming with great support technology as well as beautiful design. If you want to achieve such a thing, you should choose this particular type of Vesgantti product. It has a beautiful design as well as super comfortable construction.

The mattress will provide better body contour so you can enjoy the effect as if you were hugged all night long with this mattress. It can also absorb vibration and noise, delivering better body heat distribution and great airflow. Thanks to the cool sleeping surface, you will remain comfortable and cool the whole night long.

Many users claim that the mattress has this nice firmness that can support them well and yet it is also plush at the same time. Words can’t describe how good this mattress is!


Choosing the mattress is wisely done based on your personal needs and preference. These candidates of pocket sprung mattress products can give you a good start of where to look when you want to enjoy the only quality item.

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