Features of a Full Size Mattress

In buying a mattress, it is very important to choose a mattress that has the right in size and possess the specific requirements set by the one who will be using it.  It is important to choose the right mattress because it is an essential “tool” for sleeping, and sleeping is a necessity of all men.  Choosing the wrong mattress might lead to serious problems such as back pains and insomnia.  Also, having chosen the wrong linen covers for you as well as the materials the mattress is made of might lead to skin allergies and irritations.

There are many different sizes of mattresses which include: king size (78” wide x 80” long), queen size (60” wide x 80” long), full size or also known as the double size (54” wide x 75” long), single size, twin size (39” wide x 75” long) and the crib size.  Mattresses also vary according to types – air mattresses, water mattresses, spring mattresses and foam mattresses.

In choosing a mattress, however, the full size mattresses are probably one of the most confusing sizes of mattresses.  A full size mattress has a dimension that is almost the same with the other mattress sizes near it.

What are the salient features of a full size mattress?

–  full size mattresses are also known as double size mattresses

–  size:  The size of a full size mattress vary slightly from every region in the world, but the typical standard size of a full size mattress is 54-inch (wide) x 75-inch (long).  The full extra-large size mattress has a dimensional size of 54-inch (wide) x 80-inch (long).  In Asia, where people tend to be more petite compared to those in America and Europe, the typical full size mattress has a dimensional size of 48-inch (wide) x 78-inch (long).

Normally, a full size mattress can be mistaken that of the queen size mattress.  The standard dimensional size of a queen size mattress if 60-inch (wide) x 80-inch (long).  The said length is just the same as the length of a full extra-large size mattress.  It is actually in the region of Europe where the sizes of full size mattresses vary according to its length.  The 54 inches width of a full size mattress basically holds the same among all types of full size mattresses.

–  full size mattresses are ideal or best suited for people who is sharing the same one bed since it can accommodate more than one person.   It is an ideal size of bed mattress among couples since it has an ample space to move around.  Full size beds, meanwhile, are perfect for bedrooms that have wide space to accommodate said bed while not minimizing the remaining space for free movements.

–  full size mattresses, just like any other types and sizes of mattresses, are available in multiple layers.  These layers vary according to the materials the mattresses are made of such as foam, fibers, cotton, wool, latex and polyester.  Most of the full size mattress layers have a thickness that range around six inches to eighteen inches.

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