Home Remedies For Back Pain – Change Your Mattress

As the technology improves and bring extra ease in our life- man gets lazier and lethargic.  As a result, back pain is very common. Although, sitting inoperative is not the sole explanation of back pain. But it can be one of the causes of back pain among individuals. Almost each person has a back pain at some point in life. Experts have declared that back pain is associated with the way bones, ligaments and muscles in our back works together. In order to get rid of frequent happening pain, people have prepared home remedies for back pain. At times, when pills or doctor’s prescriptions fail to work, people often try solving this problem with natural remedies.

Back pain often fallout when you lifted something heavy or maybe you had a bad sleeping posture or you have been curved over a desk since a very long time. In this case you don’t feel that doctor is a great help besides giving strong medications and telling you to take complete bed rest. Below mentioned are some of the best ways you can get your back to feeling better!

  • Take a long hot bath: If you think that using ice on your injury or pain will work for days- that is a completely wrong perception. Ice will not help reduce your pain if twenty-four hours have passed since the injury.  The heat of hot water bath increases the flexibility of muscles as well as improves blood circulation and reduces muscle tension.
  • Go for a regular massage: Massage does not only mean going to a massage parlor and get massage therapies. You can also make house calls if you are unable to visit one. On a finer note, your family members can give you a rubdown.
  • Relaxation and good sleep: usually back pain is a result of stress and emotional tension. The old technique of relaxation- meditation or a deep breathing exercise, still works with back pain. Relaxation of mind has proved as a great relaxant for muscles.  This is one of the best ways that you can get your back to feeling better.
  • Check your weight: in order to avoid frequent back aches you need to keep a check on your weight. Heavy people should lose their weight so your back won’t have to put up with more pressure.
  • Check your vitamins:  one of the causes of repeated back pains is deficiency of vitamin C. therefore, increase vitamin C in your diet or take tablets.
  • Deny the typical perceptions- don’t bed rest:  Recently, physician advice mobility for patients with back ache. Complete bed rest can worsen the patient’s state
  • Water and honey: Another easy way to fix your sleeping position to help your back feel better is to drink warm water mixed with one tablespoon of honey to get relieve with back ache.
  • Improve your posture: As mentioned earlier, wrong posture is also a cause of frequent back pain. Correct your style of sitting and lying down and avoid the cushioned seats.
  • Sleeping place: You can try changing your sleeping mattress to avoid back pain. Or otherwise, if you have a strained back, sleep on stiff mattress for few days.

These are few of the natural ways that someone can help to reduce the uneasiness and pain as well as make sure it does not bother you again. Take care!

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