Memory Foam Mattress Reviews Buying Guide

The best thing about shopping online is that it’s incredibly easy to find user reviews on just about any product you can think of.

Customers like to share their thoughts and experiences with a product or service whether they like the product or not.

This holds true for memory foam mattresses as well.

These can be very expensive depending upon the brand you go with and it can be very resourceful to read some reviews from yourself from customers that have purchased the same product.

Reading Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

You need to be careful when reading reviews because one bad review can bring the rating way down if there aren’t many reviews to begin with. The best place to find reviews is on (we have the top-rated mattresses below). Many of the products for sale on that particular site have a few reviews while some even have hundreds or thousands of reviews. When you read reviews, you’ll want to try to read several dozen of them.

reading memory foam mattress reviewsThis is the best way to determine what most people think about a product. Look for both positive and negative comments and read them carefully. Some people will leave negative feedback because they thought the shipping was too expensive or that the product was too expensive. Well, this isn’t a really useful review because they knew what the costs were before they made their purchase.

If you find reviews that say the foam mattress was uncomfortable, that would be something to take into consideration. However, if just one person says that, it doesn’t mean it will be uncomfortable for you. The best thing to do is read over dozens of reviews and watch for things that are repeated. For instance, if most reviews say that the mattress was very comfortable, it’s likely that you will think so too, but that’s definitely not a for sure thing.

Reviews Can Make Shopping Easier

Even though some reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, reading reviews before you make a purchase can help you determine any positives or negatives ahead of time. If you just go into a retail store that sells foam mattresses or buy one online without doing research, you’re basically going into it blindly and hoping for the best. This purchase is a fairly expensive one and shouldn’t be taken so lightly.

Watch Out for Foam Mattresses Made Overseas

Sometimes companies will manufacture the mattress in the United States and then they will outsource the manufacturing of the foam to other countries to save money. If you buy one of those mattresses you are taking a big risk. Foam products made overseas may contain hazardous materials including formaldehyde which is not something you want to be sleeping on.

Thoroughly read each description you see on the Amazon website and check to see where the mattress and the foam were manufactured. If it doesn’t say or you can’t find it easily, don’t hesitate to call the company in order to find out. If they can’t or won’t tell you, then move on to another foam mattress.

When you shop for a memory foam mattress, you’re making an investment because they provide great support for your spine and can help you sleep better. Before you go shopping, wander over to and start to read through all the memory foam mattress reviews you can find to better educate yourself and choose a product that will work best for you.

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