The Benefits of a Mattress Bag

Some people may question the value of a mattress bag or mattress protector and wonder if they really need one.  The simple fact is that mattresses don’t deal well with liquid so any liquid that gets near them can stain and even damage the mattress itself.  When you think about the cost of a mattress protector or mattress bag versus the cost of purchasing a new mattress, the decision makes itself.  With a mattress bag, you will eliminate any possibility of liquid making its way into the fabric of your mattress.

Protection from the unexpected

The biggest concern people have with mattress protectors and mattress bags is that they might make a noise when tossing and turning in bed, they may imagine it sounds like crumpling a plastic bag.  This is just not the case as they are elasticated and fit tight to the mattress itself.  Because they are made of plastic, they are 100% watertight and will completely protect your mattress from any liquids.  These liquids can be anything, from accidental spillage of a glass of water through to a night sweating when suffering from the flu.  All in all, it means that you won’t have to buy a new mattress any time soon due to damage caused by liquid.

Childproof mattress protector

Another potential situation they could provide and advantage in is if you have any young children that occasionally have accidents during the night.  Cleaning and airing a mattress is not an easy or fun job so for the sake of a little extra money when you purchase your mattress, you could save yourself having to wash urine from your mattress.  They are very easy to fit and as mentioned earlier, don’t’ make any noise when your kids have “energetic” nights.

A new lease of life for your mattress

As mentioned in our 3 tips to extend your mattress life section, a mattress protector or mattress bag is a great way to extend the life of your mattress.  Not only by preventing liquids reaching and soaking your mattress but by also reducing wear and tear on the surface of your mattress too.  By buying and fitting a mattress protector, you can potentially expand the life of your mattress greatly.  They will offer these benefits no matter what kind of mattress you have, be it a pocket sprung mattress or a memory foam mattress.  Just make sure you buy one that is the correct size for the mattress you wish to protect.

A great deal and a sound night’s sleep

When you take into account the very small cost of it and when combined with other maintenance such as flipping your mattress regularly, the savings just add up.  It can double or even triple the life of your mattress.  The also means you could spend a little extra and get a super luxurious and comfortable mattress, knowing that it will last for years to come.  You will sleep soundly for years, not only comfortable on the superior mattress you may have selected, but also safe in the knowledge that you have saved yourself a packet of cash you can enjoy spending on slightly more exciting things than mattress protectors or mattress bags.

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