What Size Mattress Should You Buy

If you need to buy a new mattress, now is the perfect time to consider what mattress size will be the most suitable for you. In addition to considering your current needs, it’s also important to think about how your needs may change over the next five to ten years. While these factors may not always be easy to predict, you should still take them into account during the purchasing process.

The number of people that will use the mattress

Even if you aren’t sharing a mattress with someone at this time, it’s always best to think ahead. In particular, if you’re in a committed relationship and plan on getting married within the next ten years, you’ll want to consider how your sleeping arrangements will change. Of course, even if you are in this type of relationship, you might not be ready to have the marriage talk with your partner. However, if you think marriage might be a possibility, consider buying a larger mattress. Having a mattress that’s suitable for two people will help cut down on the expenses associated with this major life event.

Evaluating your sleeping habits

You probably already know if you’re the type of person that moves around a lot while sleeping. If you find that you’re always falling out of bed, consider a larger mattress. Even if this means that you’ll need a larger box spring and frame, the expense will be well worth it in terms of undisturbed sleep. On the other hand, if you feel dwarfed by your current mattress, a smaller one might may make you feel more comfortable.

If you are sharing a mattress, it’s also important to take into consideration your partner’s sleeping habits. Yes, you can save money by purchasing a smaller mattress, but you may find that you’ll be disturbed less often by your partner if you have a larger mattress, or one that offers firmer support. It may also be helpful to consider separate mattresses if you and your partner have very different sleeping habits.

Body characteristics

Although no one ever plans to gain weight, a lot can change in ten years. If you gain weight, a mattress that exhibits uneven support now is bound to cause more problems as your body increases in size. Aside from this, as you age, your joints may be more susceptible to pain from springs and other mattress elements. Therefore, when buying a mattress, it’s important to give some consideration to how your body might change over the years.

Without a question, when you are shopping for a new mattress, durability and price should be some of your greatest concerns. However, it’s also important to consider this within the context of how your sleeping needs will change while you’re using the mattress. After all, a mattress is a large investment that you should plan on using for many years before replacing. Even though this may not be easy to predict, you should still do your best take future needs into consideration.

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