Why Many People Prefer to Use Foam Mattresses

It is undeniable that sleep is a luxury. It is therefore not a wonder why many people are looking for the best means just to have a good and comfortable sleep. Nowadays, one of the best answer to this kind of need is to buy and use foam mattresses. A foam mattress ever since it was created by NASA during the 1970s, it has become as one of the best resorts for an individual to sleep more comfortably.

So, why do many people prefer to use a foam mattress than other forms of mattresses?

1. Unlike other bed mattresses, a foam mattress helps prevent back problems. Most of the complaints from sleeping is related to back pain. Pain in the back, hips or legs are usually due to the number of tossing and shifting of body positions while sleeping. This discomfort in sleeping can be attributed much to the kind of bed mattresses one is using. A foam mattress is preferred by many people because it provides comfort as one is sleeping. It is composed of materials that will cushion every part of the body in whatever position an individual has while sleeping. It simply conforms to the body position even with the sudden shift.

2. It is durable regardless on the weight the individual has. The foam mattress is created in way that it evenly distributes one’s weight as the individual lays on it. It does not sink as the weight is getting heavier. It even provides a more comfortable and quality sleep.

3. It is ideal for couples. Foam mattresses best suit for those people who have someone whom they are sharing their beds with. This is even an answer for those people who have partners that are restless in bed and keeps on changing their sleeping positions. Foam mattresses will just simply isolate movements from the other side of the bed and does not affect to the one lying at the opposite side.

4. Less pressure. In other kinds of mattresses, especially the firm ones, there is a tendency for it to transfer pressure to the sleeper’s body. A foam mattress, on the other hand, simply let go all the pressures. It does not give back pressure to the body as someone lays down on it. It is as soft as someone is sleeping over a bed of clouds.

5. It is easy to clean. Foam mattresses are made up of materials that prevent dirt or dust from clinging into it. Foam mattresses are hypoallergenic as it uses synthesize materials. It prevents skin irritations and allergies.

But not all people, however, are big fans of foam mattresses. One major complaint against foam mattresses is that of its price. Foam mattresses are more expensive than other types of mattress may be because of the fillings and the kind of linen foam mattresses usually have. Another complaint against foam mattresses is that it is hot to sleep on. Since it immediately absorbs the body heat of someone sleeping on it, it is likely that the foam will also radiate a warm feeling. People who have hot flashes problems might encounter difficulty in sleeping over a foam mattress.

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